Rich Witherspoon

President & CEO


When I started here over 20 years ago, we had one
computer and a coffee can filled with paintbrushes.
Now we have state of the art, multimedia studios with artists at the helm of
precision fabrication equipment.  They fuse
the work done in our studios to create
architectural and artistic solutions that bring brands to life.

After two decades, I’ve seen us evolve into an
integrated company that some of the most successful and
demanding brands in the world trust to create
their environments.  We execute messaging concepts that help them win new customers, foster loyalty and stand out in a marketplace mmuddled by assembly line interiors and exteriors

And it’s all in-house, under our roof.
But what makes this company great isn’t the ability to create fantastic things, it's our ability to listen— and then make it possible for our clients to accomplish what others can’t even imagine.

And yes we still have that coffee can filled with paint brushes.